Saturday, February 28, 2009

Conversations with Mom

Sometimes the best solutions are derived from good old-fashioned talks with your family. This afternoon I was having some Earl Grey with my mom, and, being the staunch conservatives that the Thompsons are, the conversation quickly turned to politics and the trouble with the GOP. She's frustrated, I'm frustrated, my wife is, and, actually, I have yet to meet someone who loves how Big Brother is accelerating our ruin as a nation.

We discussed what many Americans are infuriated over; things like Congress, the obamadent, the economy, Democrats, and the Republican Party. Specifically, my mom called the obamadent "evil personified". Don't say that about my mom--she's a very sweet and gentle Christian woman! We agreed that moderate to liberally-soaked Congress needs to be shut down and new conservative members need to replace them. We also agreed that once in office, there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats, especially after they've been indoctrinated.

One thing that came out of all this was a very simple truth: To win back the White House, all the GOP needs is a perfect candidate. I have compiled a short list of the attributes of a winning candidate (not in order of priority):

1. Age mid 40s to mid 50s
2. Attractive
3. Not Arab, Indian or Hispanic
4. Passionate about America and her people
5. If experienced in office, having a proven record of conservatism
6. Suggestions for solutions, not simply criticisms
7. Good moral character
8. If inexperienced, great intestinal fortitude and stamina
9. Not willing to change issue positions based on polls
10. Basing all decisions on Godly principles for the greater good

"Attractive" here means having a good physical appearance with no obvious features that easily can be characatured. It also means having no physical handicaps. This all seems superficial and cruel, but the truth is that voters associate success, strength and ability with attractiveness. If this were not so, then Bob Dole would have won and Hollywood would be staging eating contests and Western Sizzlin', Captain George's, and Old Country Buffet would be the hotspots of the stars. Also, if Franklin (Give-It-Away) Roosevelt could have been televised and Richard Nixon would not have been in 1960, each of them would have seen different election results.

Number three will, no doubt, offend someone of -- wait, let me guess -- Arab, Indian or Hispanic descent. In this blog, "Arab" means "Middle Eastern", and for this for obvious reasons. After watching the GOP response to the obamadent's address to Congress this week by Piyush (Bobby) Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, I made this decision. Besides looking like a darker-pigmented Al Gore, he sounded like Kenneth from 30Rock and the whole presentation was, well, weird. It was like, "No, Mr. Donaghy, Ah din't invint th' innernit. It wuz mah great grandpah Guptah Singh Shankar." The fact that Gov. Jindal didn't lambaste the obamadent is appreciated, but to make a clear rebuttal should have included specifics of how the GOP plans will work. Tough enough to do given such a limited time, too much time was devoted to drawing similarities of Jindals to the obamadent's life.

Anyway, because Hispanics are being allowed to overrun U.S. jobs and language via illegal immigration, most Americans should have an attitude against an Hispanic President. For clarification, this blogger is not a redneck and has nothing against legal immigrants, as long as they stop entering our country!

The rest of the list is self-explanatory. These are the qualities of a winner. Perhaps the bigger point to make here is that today it is difficult to find someone who fits the bill and who wants to make the sacrifice for his country by running and holding office. Along these lines, please read my campaign reform blog.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Not the First African-American President

It's obvious only to some: The obamadent is not the first African-American to call himself "President".

First, he's not African-American. He's an American who happens to be of the Negroid race. Having a Caucasian mother and an Negroid father makes the obamadent a mulatto. There is nothing wrong with that. Thomas Jefferson's kids were, after all, mulattoes, and many American blacks whose families have lived in the U.S. for a few generations are, in fact, mulattoes. So, the obamadent is the first mulatto president of the U.S. We could delve into quadroons and octaroons and possibly find other presidents who may not be all-white, but let's just stop at halvsies.

It is interesting how he and the media emphasized only half of his racial heritage. It is understandable, however, because being white can be so boring, especially if you listen to the soft rock of the 1970s or watch any predominantly white sporting event, or attend an all-white church. Also, if he had played up being white, folks might have confused him for John McCain. The point here is that more needed to be said for his whiteness just for the sake of equality.

Just to prove that no one around here is a racist, this blogger thinks that J.C. Watts, Alan Keyes, or Walter Williams would have been such a better choice....

Eric Holder: Change This!

According to United States Code Title 18, Section 871,

"...Whoever knowingly and willfully deposits for conveyance in the mail or for a delivery from any post office or by any letter carrier any letter, paper, writing, print, missive, or document containing any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States, the President-elect, the Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President of the United States, or the Vice President-elect, or knowingly and willfully otherwise makes any such threat against the President, President-elect, Vice President or other officer next in the order of succession to the office of President, or Vice President-elect, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both."

Attorney General Holder, that last line above needs to be eliminated until a better person is elected to replace who is currently holding the title. Under the current administration of the obamadent, the consequences should be light, if any, given the fact that this so called leader is worthless (okay, perhaps his family needs him; but then again, his kids already have a legacy as children of the first mulatto president, and there's a great life insurance payout).

This blogger certainly is not advocating assassination. That would be murder which, even though the obamadent believes is okey dokey with babies, should be frowned upon. Perhaps someone will get a Burr in his or her saddle....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Real Campaign Reform Begins with Amending the U.S. Constitution.

Here's how I see it. We've have so many problems in Washington, it's difficult to know where to begin. The first move would be to throw the bums out, that is, don't re-elect anyone who has been in office longer than two terms as Congressman and one term as Senator.

By amending our consitution to require that each congressman's term in the House shall be four years, as will each Senator's term. No person may be re-elected until they have sat out for twelve years. In this way, those who run for political office for reasons of greed and power will lose their incentive if they can't stay in office longer than four years at a time. This gives more (let's call them regular or normal) Americans an opportunity to fulfill a role in government.

You see, the problem we have now is that as soon as a Congressman is elected, he must begin campaigning for the next election only two years away. This distracts him from his job, making his number one issue re-election. This is pure inefficiency. On the Senate side, six years is too long between elections. Most senators are poor (moderate) decision makers anyway, for some reason. We know this to be true in Washington and here in Virginia's General Assembly.

Another immediate step we should take is to outlaw Political Action Committee contributions. By the constitution, PAC members have the right to assemble and petition their government leaders. There just shouldn't be any money involved that can and does purchase allegiance and votes. Foreign contributions are already illegal, yet is was reported recently that the obamadent was given donations by some folks in the Gaza strip during his campaign. A better means of tracking funds needs to be developed, which probably already exists now that the government owns nearly half of two major U.S. banks, CitiGroup and Bank of America.

Given the increasing usurpation of authority by government, we probably won't have the right to vote in the future; but for now, a spending cap needs to be placed on all national and state elections as follows:

President/Vice-President: $5,000,000.00
Congressman/Senator: $ 500,000.00

Governor: $ 100,000.00
State Representative/Senator $ 25,000.00

With this cap, obviously some changes will need to be made on the campaign front. The first is with regard to teevee, radio, and internet advertising. Americans need to have uninterupted quality teevee programming like The Biggest Loser, Super Nanny, and King of the Hill, so no television ads should be allowed. Similarly, radio and internet are only here for our listening and browsing pleasure, so we don't want to hear or see the enemy lie about his opponent, even if ACORN did pay for the ad.

Candidates should be allowed two real debates in each state, one in March, and one at the end of October to allow candidates to shift their positions based upon polling and misquotes, misunderstandings, etc. Americans who actually care about their country can attend one of these events, or they can watch them on teevee or the internet, or they can listen to them on the radio. Those who don't care so much and who trust the newspapers to print truth can read the New York Times and Washington Post for their respective versions. One other note here, no follow-up commentary will be allowed by the media. We want to keep their role in life to a minimum!

No negative campaigning should be allowed. The candidate can only speak of his own record or what his own position is on an issue. Attacks on voting records are mostly contrived because whatever issue is mentioned is taken out of context and is usually part of a huge bill that the candidate either didn't read thoroughly or didn't understand very well. A good salesman always promotes his own product and never talks trash about the competition.

Finally, one direct mail piece can be mailed to each household. This is instead of the current unlimited standard where each voting member in each household receives between ten and twenty propaganda pages during one election. The campaign sends some, the state party send more, and special interest groups send even more. It is utterly ridiculous. Again, the no negativity law applies here as well.

Think how great it will be to enact these measures! We'll save paper and, therefore, trees, we'll save time, money and energy, and we'll all be less aggravated. It's a win/win/win for everyone...except the loser (but he'll feel better about losing)!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Borrow a Trillion Dollars, but Pay as You Go--Starting Now!

"The pay-go approach is based on a very simple concept. You don't spend what you don't have. So if we want to spend, we'll need to find somewhere else to cut," the president said at the White House Fiscal Responsibility Summit. "This is the rule that families across this country follow every single day, and there's no reason why their government shouldn't do the same."

Wow! Really? That's from today's Washington Times, a real non sequitur to the recent Stimulus Bill. I especially appreciate the obamadent explaining what 'pay as you go' means. The obamadent later said that he realizes that the "stimulus" will add to the deficit, but that it will be accounted for in the upcoming budgets. Oh, I see.

Unless income and corporate taxes are increased significantly (very likely) and government spending is reduced (highly unlikely), there is no way to catch up to what we owe China and the EU and pay back the exhorbitant amount of cash that will be distributed/re-distributed over the next three to four years.

With regard to the obamadent's statement that pay-as-you-go is what families follow, is he on drugs? (Come to think of it, yes, at least until he ran for President.) If American families followed pay-go, the banking and credit failures of recent years would not have happened. Debt is a bad thing, credit cards are no good, savings are good; three ideas that, on balance, Americans fail to grasp.

I hate to be a pessimist, but there is no light at the end of the tunnel with the incredibly stupid policies put forth by the Democrats. Even with transparency.

Yo No Hablo Espanol, Pero Soy Americano...

I haven't yet figured out why the United States caters at all to the Mexicans. Sure, they're generally hard-working, and, okay, they comprise a large percentage of our labor force in agriculture and in construction. But those reasons don't justify forcing native Americans (people born in the U.S.) to have to choose English versus Spanish at the ATM, on any corporate voicemail system, or to look for the English version of the contents of a package at one of the warehouse stores.

Despite our economic problems of the moment, I believe that immigration policy needs to be re-written now. After all, a large portion of the Trillion-dollar plus bailout will, no doubt go to illegal immigrants either via welfare checks or health care and education services.

I propose the following ideas for U.S. immigration reform: 1) Immigrants must be fluent in English except for cases of political asylum. 2) The number of immigrants from each country should be limited to five families per year. This would be on a first-come, first-served basis. 3) English will be the only option in our public schools and in Corporate America. Millions of dollars are spent annually on training programs for employees and on ESL classes in public education. 4) Americans will be given priority in our own colleges and universities, even when GPAs and SAT scores are lower than those from abroad. If there is any space for foreign students after that, a limited number may apply. 5) Gradually deport all illegal immigrants permanently with no chance of re-admittance. This can be done over several years to allow businesses to find replacement labor.

I'm all in favor of adopting the best features from other cultures, but diversity in this country becomes adversity when it restricts the inalienable rights of Americans to pursue happiness, or when it just becomes too aggravating.

Friday, February 20, 2009

U.S. Government: Solutions for a Sound Economy

First, let's kill all the lawyers (Henry VI, Part II). Just kidding...

It is estimated that only three percent of the new $1,000,000,000,000.00 spending bill will be doled out in 2009, with the balance being distributed (or re-distributed) over the following two years. Things need to happen now to improve the economy now. Those things are now printed below.

Right now, we need to lower the interest rate on conventional mortgages to 4% with no points or closing costs. At this writing, they're at 5% plus points. This will encourage investment in the failing construction industry.

There needs to be a freeze on all corporate and individual taxes until the economy moves toward the upswing. Halting taxes saves the government from borrowing money to spend on so-called stimulus. The money that is injected into the economy by you and I as a result is far and away better than what the Obamdent has signed.

Now is the time to find ways to reduce government spending. Eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and countless other useless government agencies. I would include the Department of Education in this category as well. We also should put the kibosh on government sub-contractors. In my travels, I've had several conversations about how lucrative government contracts are. They shouldn't be any more lucrative than private contracts. Here's an unpopular one: Close NASA. Billions of dollars are spent each year on space flight, space photos, and space dust. Let's solve the Earth's problems first before looking for life on Mars.

When the economy does finally turn around and unemployment is back at the usual 5% rate, the IRS needs to be closed permanently. Rather than the myriad tax laws that no one except very smart accountants understand, we should implement the Fair Tax. You can read all about it at, but basically it eliminates income taxes, capital gains taxes, etc., in favor of one consumption tax on goods and services. Everyone pays the same flat rate, rich or poor, and everyone receives money for essentials. Everyone wins. The government gets its share and we get to keep more of our hard-earned paychecks.

I believe these things are what need to be done right now. Senator, Congressman, if you're reading this, get on the stick!

America Bless God

Politicians think it stirs audiences when they close their speeches with "God bless you and God bless America". The Philadelphia Flyers used to have Kate Smith sing the song at their hockey games for good luck. "God bless America" holds as much meaning as two dating high schoolers who say "I love you" every time they blink.

The so-called pastor Jeremiah Wright caught plenty of flack in 2008 when his tyrades against Whitey were aired on YouTube. One of the things he screamed from the pulpit caught my attention when he told blacks not to sing "God Bless America, but God Damn America." The whole thing is appalling and offensive. Certainly we shouldn't sing it or say it, but my question is "Hasn't He already done so?"

Why would God bless America anyway? Who are we as a nation that He would smile on us? Why would He bless a country that likens itself to a god? The U.S obviously doesn't need His guidance for we're doing so well on our own. Yeah, right.

We engage in ridiculous wars, killing thousands of people. Legalized abortion is the supreme law of the land. The death penalty is just a different version of the same thing. We justify twisted behavior and write-off evil actions by quoting the bible of the American Psychiatric Association, the DSM. Our media promote homosexuality and heterosexual promiscuity. And each year the profanity and nudity envelope gets pushed a little farther on teevee and on the radio because we allow it.

We have encrypted our justice system with so much crap that we have to pay lawyers ungodly sums of money to interpret our own laws. We need "representation" in court because they know how to play the game. (Does anyone know how to play "Make the Obamadent Prove His Citizenship"?) Our politicians, mostly lawyers, are constantly being brought up on unethical crimes and misdemeanors.

Are we good stewards of our wealth? In better times, the U.S. is quick to loan money to foreign countries, while our own people suffer. Let's not forget about all the government waste. Even today, as we're scrimping and trying to "stimulate" the economy, the Pelosis of the world are flying around the country as is the Obamadent on Air Force One. Amongst the plethora of pork, the stimulus bill includes $300 million for new, greener cars for government employees.

The U.S., especially the Democratic Party, encourages dependency rather than self-reliance. Our forefathers did not mean increased food stamps and Section 8 housing when they spoke of "promoting the general welfare". The good citizen stands up for himself, makes a living to the best of his ability, and, as a last resort, goes to the government for assistance. Both political parties are to blame for this, but the Democrats excel at buying allegiance through entitlements.

Then there's the whole attitude thing, where Americans seem to believe our country is the best in the world. I don't know what that means in adult terms. Do they say it because we have so much space? Is it freedom of speech and religion that makes us "best"? Or is it a strong military? Children often say that because they're excited about something, and now that I think about it, maybe adults say it for the same reason. Perhaps they're just excited about any or all of those things mentioned above. At this stage in the game, there's almost as much wrong as right in the U.S.

The fact is that America is no better than anyone else's country in terms of deserving God's blessing. We started out great in 1607, but after Wilson's League of nations ideas we began our downward spiral. I'm not aware of another country that governs any more responsibly or treats people any better. I think we're mostly Even-Steven.

God Bless America, Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.

If you ever thought about the words above as a prayer, you'd have to ask yourself "Why would He?" Let's work on the U.S. mindset a little. Next time you have the opportunity, rather than saying "God Bless America", say "America Bless God" instead. You can even buy a bumper sticker that says that at and

II Chronicles 7:14 (KJV)

Americans Need to Sacrifice If They Want Change

You know, during the recent presidential election circus, the economy was in the early stages of recession but no one spoke of sacrifice except to mention how our men in uniform were sacrificing themselves for the good of our country while fighting the war on terror. Supporters of John McCain spoke of his own sacrifice while a POW in Vietnam.

The obamadent ran a successful campaign on change. We all talk about how things need to change, but we don't ever talk about how they're going to change.

My first suggestion has to do with our esteemed welfare program, Social Security. Each year, whines emanate from the Capitol dome in Washington warning whoever will listen that the funds to pay our retirees will run out. This program should be re-written and re-vamped to provide only for truly needy senior citizens. In the meantime, senior citizens who can afford to forego the monthly payment should do so.

The well-off retiree should make this sacrifice for the good of the country. I realize that they have paid into the system for at least forty quarters and that they are due the funds, but this is a sacrifice that needs to be made to help slow the coming failure of the S.S. program.

The second form of sacrifice has more to do with self-restraint and selflessness more than trying to change public policy. The worst problem we have in America is poverty. One might think that in the "richest nation in the world" (not true) there would be no poverty. But this class of people grows more each year, especially now with the slump we're in.

Instead of feeding at garbage troughs like McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Hardees, KFC, and Taco Bell, we should pocket the money and go home to a nice home-made meal. Rather than buying the latest Blackberry, Blue Ray disc player or iPod accessory, take the money you saved and donate it to the local food bank or to a community organization or church that helps the poor.

The same can be done at Christmas, Hanukah or birthdays. Instead of buying useless knick-knacks, picture frames, candles, or another sweater, make a donation in the giftee's name to a reputable charity (although tempting, not the Human Fund of George Costanza).

Sacrifice is putting others needs before your own. Many people are doing that in their own families at this time. But still there are plenty who are looking out for number one. The duty hierarchy should go like this: God, family, country, then self if there's anything left of your time or money.

When it comes to sacrifice, I guess it comes down to the cliche of putting your money where your mouth is. Anything else is just blather.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How Can We Fight the "Change" and See Positive Results?

It seems to me, that with so many factions, special interest groups, blog sites, clubs, societies, and associations, not to mention political parties, that there is no chance that conservatives can take back our governments at the federal and state level.

Everyone wants to do something so they sign up to offer their own blogs (like I just did) as if their opinions matter or will count for something.

The problem is that, with the signing of this horrific stimulus bill (an incredibly blatant shift to Socialism), we conservatives cannot sway leaders at either the federal or the state level because of so much promised pork. Apparently, the public have decided that money is the answer to our economic woes, even when the money doled out belongs to foreign investors and subjects the U.S. to global political weakness.

How will we ever start the unfortunate, but necessary, revolution? Is it time to just give up, or is there a method of consolidating all the myriad efforts of millions of Americans who are trying to either find the voice or to be the voice of a leader?