Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Mr. "President"

March 29, 2010

Dear Mr. President:

Over the past several years, it has been stated clearly by you and by those with whom you have associated that you have an entirely different idea of what the Unites States is and what it should be. It would be convenient for you yet false, though, to believe that you were elected because of these statements. Truly, your election to power was a combination of both a modern telling of the Emperor’s New Clothes and a hatred developed and encouraged by the media left embraced by the lost. But there is no point in listing facts or figures here, for you believe something so contrary to the ideology of most Americans that it would be like debating God’s grace with an atheist.

The socialistic ideals that you and the majority of members in Congress espouse are going to be your downfall when you and they are up for re-election. You’ve engaged in open bribery and, at the same time, chicanery when it comes to accomplishing your goals of destroying our country’s very existence. You are responsible for growing the size of an already-intrusive federal government. You have granted more power to the Department of the Treasury and to the non-governmental Federal Reserve Corporation where you have no explicit or implicit right; you have illegally expanded your administration, upsetting the balance of powers by hiring people for positions that are not approved by either the Legislative or Judicial branches; you have promoted Leftist/Socialist people to positions of authority in most government departments, and you have discounted or excluded valid policy options as proposed by the minority party. Perhaps your most egregious violation above all else, however, is that you have ignored the U.S. Constitution and you have ignored us – the electorate.

If it were up to the people you could be impeached for these offenses, but, despite it being up to us, we no longer have representation as evidenced by the new reich. Congress and you have thrown the Constitution out with the bathwater, so an impeachment can never be without a take-over of the House and Senate by people who will properly act on our behalf.

I understand, now, what your book title, The Audacity of Hope means. It is the working title of your offensive political agenda and your impudent style as leader of an ever-weakening world power. Despite your agenda and the reckless actions of Congress, our economy is an abysmal failure with steadily high unemployment and a currency value that is at a record low. The people have no faith in investments either on the stock market, in real estate, or in the value of the dollar. We are bracing ourselves for a worsening situation because of your record-breaking debt creation through various obscene government spending plans like health care reform and troubled asset relief.

Mr. President, this you will be unable to ignore: We, the citizenry, understand your motives and, in the long run, we will shut down the Obama-style totalitarianism that you are racing to create. Even if it is not accomplished this year, it will be so by 2012 through the legitimate election of conservative people who believe in the solidity of our Constitution and in those Godly principles on which it is firmly based.



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